You're so beautiful, baby: Keep your hair beautiful! :') 


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Everyone has different hair, some people have oily hair, some people have really dry hair and everyone’s hair grows at different paces. But everyone can keep their hair healthy.

1) Drink water! Just like your skin, water keeps your hair hydrated and beautiful!

2) Rinse out your shampoo…

I agree with most of these however theres a couple that my hairdresser herself has instructed I do or not do.

-Brushing your hair makes it so much more oiler quicker, the less you brush it the less oiler your hair will be.

-Shampoo your hair at least twice, 3 times is best, you really want it to lather. The better you shampoo your hair the less you have to wash it.

-Don’t sleep with wet hair, it makes it oily.

-Seperating your hair when you blow dry/straighten/curl or whatever and doing it in sections damages your hair less.

:) just thought I’d let you know. I know all of these work because I used to have seriously oily hair before I started doing all this stuff!! :)

Afternoon <3 

Hello lovely followers :) in the mood to write some one shots :) send in some requests and I’ll do my best!! :) -Jess.x

 deeplyxunhappy asked: "your icon.. oh my god.. why am I so ugly and why is she so pretty?"

I KNOW!? She’s so stunning :) I feel like a very old and ugly  potato compared to her :p it’s alright though, we can be ugly potatos together :)) xxxx

Right off to bed for me! Work tomorrow :) however I leave you with this stunning photo of the beautiful and lovely Miss Eleanor Calder <3 goodnight! xoxo

I think this is my favourite photo of Danielle…..she’s so beautiful and flawless! :) Liam is one very lucky man :) -Jess.x

 bradfordswagger asked: "I'm sorry that it's not an Eleanor blog. I used to be one. I still love her tho. And thankyou :) xx"

Hahaha don’t stress :) the fact you still love her and support her is what counts!! :) xxx

I have now removed the option to ask questions anonmously. If you’re going to send hate about Eleanor/Danielle you can do it off anonmous. You rude and disgusting people.


If you don’t have nothing nice to say than don’t say nothing at all. Quit being a keyboard warrior and come off anonymous. Eleanor has done nothing personally to you to cause you to ‘hate’ her so much. If you don’t like her fine, but leave people that like and support Eleanor alone.

Been a while since I’ve been on this tumbler! :) how are we all? :) anyone got any questions or requests? :) I’m up for anything!! hahaha - Jess.x